AEUC Roundtable: Upgrade Lite: Lo Fat/Gluten Free!
Roundtable discussion on Shadow Logging

Version 8.2.2 is here! 8.3 on the way soon. We have been the leading 3rd party 8.x upgrade vendor and can handle the full range of Services Framework/SmartForm installation options, including Microsoft SQL Server upgrades.

Import and export files for 3rd party AP bolt-on software for Expenses and Invoices as well as assistance with in-house projects.

Design screens, SmartForms, queries, customized database, enhanced applications through native Expert tools, develop quick tools for ad-hoc reporting, and third-party compatibility.

Complete financial systems consulting and customization.

DocuDraft Formatting
Create custom prebill and billing formats, statements, cover letters, and electronic exchange formats; matter billing option development, conversion to Expert Billing.

Comprehensive and expert on- or off-site staff training and train-the-trainer.

Create customized reports using native Report Writer or SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services), convert legacy reporting.

Process Engineering and Workflow Design
Fine tune Expert to suit your firm's individual performance and operational needs; evaluate and design work flow to match the accounting system, design summary tables and data warehouses, and reporting/query enhancements.